About Us

A Native Californian, Jessica Mathews graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and went straight into law school at the University of San Francisco. By the age of 26, she was a successful divorce attorney, running her own family law practice. Upon marrying and having two children, Jessica happily paused her career to devote herself to her family and moved to Hawaii for her husband’s training as an orthopedic surgeon. By the time Jessica’s children became teenagers she had an enhanced and evolved perspective of life. Continuously pondering her next step, she boarded a plane for a wedding in Tanzania, not realizing the answer she sought would greet her on the other side. In discovering the Serengeti, Jessica found her passion. Having always had affection for animals and a thirst for exploration, Jessica was incredibly inspired in Tanzania and knew she would spend the next season of life helping others experience the same indescribable magic. She spent the next two years exploring Tanzania and hosting wildlife guides at her home in California, deepening her connection and understanding of Tanzania, preparing for what is now Dancing Zebra Safari Co. Today Jessica uses the same attention to detail and business savvy she used as an attorney. But instead of taking clients to trial, she takes them to Tanzania.
As part of our commitment to offering the best service, we are affiliated with or are proud members of the following organizations: Safari Bookings The International Ecotourism Society (T.I.E.S.)

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